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Kirsten Wessbecher, health coach + founder of KleanWellness.

Kirsten Wessbecher, health coach + founder of KleanWellness.

Meet Kirsten

Kirsten is a certified health coach who is passionate about healing your mind and body through a balanced lifestyle and eating REAL, unprocessed foods.

At KleanWellness, you will find easy to implement, science-backed wellness hacks for looking and feeling your best...not to mention many delicious and fast recipes for the busy individual because Kirsten believes taste should never be compromised for health!  

Health Coaching

Through personal coaching, Kirsten will provide you with the tools to live a sustainable, healthy life and achieve all of your health goals. Whether you’re motivated to fit into your wedding dress, look great at your high school reunion, or simply want more energy to perform your daily duties, she offers a full range of counseling based on your specific needs.


Individualized Programs

Live a Sustainable, Healthy Life

Specializing in:

Digestive disorders: heartburn, bloat, IBS, SIBO, low FODMAP diet, constipation & pain

Food intolerances and food allergies: identify symptom triggers through a personalized elimination and reintroduction plan

Fostering a healthy relationship with food: eliminating the binge/restrict eating cycles by healing your relationship with food

Hormone health: cycle syncing, PMS, anxiety, skin breakouts, low energy, interrupted sleep patterns, migraines, how to exercise based on your cycle