Meet Kirsten

Health coach & nutrition educator


It all started when…

Kirsten Wessbecher is a wellness enthusiast, fitness fanatic and health coach based in San Francisco, California. KleanWellness grew out of Kirsten’s lifelong passion for health and holistic healing through lifestyle and real food. After suffering from severe stomach pain for many years only to receive a vague diagnosis of “IBS” from numerous doctors, she felt frustrated and decided to take matters into her own hands.

Taking a holistic approach of her own, she healed herself through lifestyle and diet, refusing to take the lifelong cocktail of pills prescribed from various doctors. She saw the same disheartening approach used on her dad when he had a heart attack (at the young age of 42). He was prescribed a handful of pills with side effects that decreased his quality of life, without addressing any lifestyle or dietary advice. She was convinced something needed to change with our healthcare system from that point on.

My goal is to help others find the same food freedom, feel and look great, while also shedding light on the dirty practices of the food industry in order to provide you with the tools to succeed long term.
— Kirsten Wessbecher

Naturally, Kirsten became extremely passionate about the science of human nutrition at a young age and continues to hold the same drive and desire to help her clients. Her goal is to provide a no-nonsense approach to helping people feel and look better, achieve their goals, and develop sustainable habits to live a healthy and balanced life. She studies the latest research, evaluates competing theories and reads anything nutrition-related that she can get her hands on. Most importantly, she uses that knowledge to make individualized recommendations for her clients. This concept of bio individuality: “one person’s medicine is another person’s poison” is why her 1:1 coaching is so effective and why she believes fad diets don’t work.


Kirsten loves to cook. She believes that taste should not be sacrificed for health which is why she loves sharing her healthy, nutrient-dense meals and dishes with friends and family.

As she continues to pursue her true passion and side hustle as a health coach, she also works a regular 9-5 in the finance world. She loves attending all health & wellness related events and meeting/collaborating with like-minded individuals trying to make an impact in the medical community through prevention and education. She received her bachelor of science degree from UC Davis, certification as a health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition based in New York City, and plans on continuing this education with a Masters in Nutrition.