What do clients have to say?

Kayla W. -

I started my journey with Kirsten mid-November because I wanted to finally feel like I was in control of my eating habits. Growing up I always struggled with my weight and in high school I lost 35 pounds by running and starving myself. Of course the weight began to slowly creep back because I could not maintain the “starvation diet.” I would constantly crave sugary snacks and carbs, which then led to my many stomach issues and energy loss. Recently, I got engaged and on my wedding day I want to feel and look my best and be able to continue the habits and knowledge that Kirsten has taught me, so I can live a healthier life emotionally, mentally and physically.

Even though, I have only just begun this journey with Kirsten, I have already shed 8 pounds in a matter of few weeks.

She helped me lose weight in a very healthy, sustainable way (I don’t feel like I’m having to restrict at all) and a big bonus is that I already notice an increase in my mental clarity.

Kirsten’s knowledge of food related issues is unbelievable! She knew exactly how to decode all of my issues, some within just weeks of meeting with me. Kirsten truly makes all of our meetings comfortable and she always allows me to fully tell her the changes I’ve been experiencing on an emotional and physical level, which sets her apart from the rest.

I’m so excited to continue this life changing journey with Kirsten and deepen my understanding of my body/specific nutritional needs and heal my relationship towards food with her help!


“The successful results I received through her nutrition coaching were way beyond the physical weight loss.”

Carmen D. -

Before working with Kirsten I had horrible gut issues (constipation, bloating, pain, etc.) eczema, anxiety, and excess weight that I could not lose no matter how much I restricted my calories and increased my exercise. Kirsten COMPLETELY changed my outlook on fad diets and restricting with her coaching practice. The successful results I received through her nutrition coaching were way beyond the physical weight loss.

Not only did I begin to enjoy eating clean with her delicious and individually tailored recipes, but my anxiety dramatically subsided as well as my mood swings, PMS, and constipation.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had digestive issues that my primary care doc diagnosed simply as “IBS” and prescribed laxatives for without even looking at my diet.

Kirsten was able to pinpoint the foods I was lacking as well as the ones causing me digestive distress through her elimination protocol. It’s helped me tremendously physically as well as mentally.

Her knowledge of food related issues is incredible. I cannot thank her enough and would highly recommend her!


“My depression, anxiety and insomnia are VIRTUALLY GONE!”

Lindsey V. -

“I struggled with PMS for as long as I can remember. I’ve tried multiple birth controls which ultimately led me to depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Nothing worked. I decided to get off birth control, but my skin issues were horrible and I felt incredibly uncomfortable in my own skin. A friend referred me to Kirsten and I’m thrilled to say that in a brief 3-month period, my depression, anxiety and insomnia are VIRTUALLY GONE! I cannot believe it! My skin has cleared up dramatically as well so I signed up for her 6-month program to continue this journey.

Her knowledge of hormones, food, and healthy lifestyle tips is incredible.

I had never heard of cycle syncing before and was so amazed by how changing this cured my PMS and hormonal breakouts.

I thought of myself as pretty healthy, but after working with Kirsten I’ve had so much value added to my life. Her encouraging, patient, genuine attitude and REALNESS is what made me feel safe speaking about these “taboo” topics.

I don’t consider myself a very open person when it comes to body issues, but she made me feel so comfortable that this whole process was actually enjoyable! It was almost like I was talking to a close friend or family member. Overall, she is an absolute gem to work with.