Delicious & Healthy Cauliflower "Fried Rice"

This easy cauliflower “fried rice” is officially the weeknight dinner MVP 🏆 ⁣⁣

Best part? It’s klean, healthy, and cost efficient 💰 I need my meals to be healthy, yet quick because having 2 jobs means I’m always on the go. Anyone else feel me? ⁣⁣

Quick rant: most of what I eat daily isn’t “insta worthy” so I stopped posting these healthy and delicious meals on my feed in exchange for the pretty ones. ⁣

I lost sight of my purpose for this health instagram - to genuinely make a positive impact and encourage a healthy lifestyle through sharing my recipes, health tips, healing my clients relationship with food, simplifying nutrition, shedding light on the dirty practices of food industries, and building a community of like-minded friends! ⁣

The whole “perfectly curated feed” mentality put me in analysis paralysis mode.⁣⁣

Long story short, I’m getting out of my own way and re-connecting with my initial other words, I’m going to share the pretty pics as well as the not so pretty (yet delicious) meals as well!⁣⁣

This low carb, high in protein, healthy fats, and fibrous veggies will keep your blood sugar stable and energy flowing while making your tastebuds dance with happiness 💃 ⁣⁣

Ingredients (2 servings)

Sausages: Place sausages in pan with 1 tbsp avocado oil and get it simmering on medium heat. Flip when it starts to simmer until golden brown. Set aside.

  • Start with the cauliflower rice. Add frozen cauliflower rice to a pan with ½ tbsp avocado oil. As the cauliflower starts to defrost, add in bone broth. The cauliflower rice will soak up the bone broth in about 5 mins.

  • Veggie Time. Chop veggies as needed, and throw into pan with cauliflower and bone broth. Add veggies that need longer to cook longer first (like carrots and broccoli) and veggies that just need to steam (like kale and spinach) towards the end. About 5-10 mins on medium heat.

  • Add an egg if you can tolerate them. Crack an egg in the cauliflower stir fry, and add any additional seasoning to taste (listed above). I added the siracha and coconut amino’s to taste at the very end.

  • Add avocado to top it off and Voila! you have a quick and easy dinner in under 15 mins.